I have been a landlord and experienced in renting properties for the last 35 years or so. Up until 2008 /2009 I handled all rentals myself as there were too many tenants looking for too few properties, so the biggest headache was choosing the "right" tenant from the many who applied to one ad run in the Royal Gazette.

All that changed with the Great Recession. Based on the experiences of others I knew who had rental units it became clear that I needed the services of a professional agent for the very first time. I spoke to a friend who was in the same boat as me, and she highly recommended Kim who she was working with at the time. She explained that although Kim's business was small, she gave great personalized service and always communicated and followed up with you, and always delivered. So you weren't just a small fish in a big pond, which is a risk with the larger and older firms.

I took her advice and contacted Kim. Eight years and four sets of tenants later, I can categorically state that I made a very good decision, so much so that I don't even consider renting a unit without Kim's help. She has always found tenants within a very reasonable period of time, and always considers the fit of the tenant with other tenants, the neighborhood and so on. So I always feel that I'm her most important client and she's not just placing a warm body in my unit simply to get a commission and move on. Her service is personable, consistent and thoroughly professional and she has been a godsend to me in helping me with my rentals. I am extremely pleased with our working relationship and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others.