We listed the sale of our house with Kim Sheen March 2017. We were very stubborn, didn’t listen to the advice given by Kim – we listened to our hearts, and listed our house high, in hopes to get offers – with no action for at least 3 months, if not longer. We did drop the price of our house 2 times, and at the last time, is when the majority of the action happened – and yes, it was because we were in the bracket range we should have been from the beginning. I must say though, through the entire time, Kim was very professional, she knew we were overpriced but listed the house at the price we wanted to start at.  She received advice from other agents/appraisers on the then selling price of our house – let us know she’s sought this advice and encouraged us to come down on our asking price – which we eventually did.  Kim would let us know when a new listing came on the market and it was in our bracket, so we could see the comparison.  She let us know when she was showing the house – so we could make sure it was in pristine condition, and through her hard work, we did sell the house – this year!! If I could have changed 1 thing, I must say, we should have taken Kim’s advice from the beginning – and if we did, we probably would have sold our house weeks after listing it. Lesson well learned, for sure!! If you have a house to sell or rent, you need Kim Sheen on your side.