Too many times we discount the smaller real estate agents and are commonly persuade towards the
larger named brand companies. I have had the experience of working with both and will unquestionably
use a smaller company again. Kim Sheen of Kim Sheen Properties is a remarkable realtor who is very
efficient and knowledgeable. She is well versed in the real-estate market, very courteous, professional
and provided step by step knowledge and advice with everything I needed to know and execute to
expedite the purchase of my dream house.
Due to the unique situation I encountered with the purchase, Kim went exceptionally above and beyond
what’s expected of an agent and was not afraid to be direct and tell me the honest truth. All in all she
held my hand throughout the entire process, and was easily contactable and responsive.
It was such a pleasure working with Kim Sheen and I am very impressed and extremely grateful for the
services that she has provided. For rentals, sale or purchases, She Is Highly Recommended!!

April 2021